So i’m sure by now almost everyone around the world has heard about the devastating terror attack that happened during last nights Ariana Grande gig at the Manchester arena. For all of us here in the UK we sat with baited breath, watching news story after news story, waiting for some kind of information about what had happened. And for the ones who didn’t know about it until this morning, they woke up to the most terrible news.

This is personal for me, because i live in Manchester, It has been my home since i was born, and this has truly shook me to the core.

I have been to that arena multiple times, to watch countless of my favourite artist sing my favourite songs, i almost went to this concert, but luckily for me, i decided not to go, unfortunately not everyone was so lucky.

I had friends at that concert, all the while i watched my computer screen for confirmation that they were safe, or waited for a reply from a text that i didn’t know i would receive. The emotions i feel right now, i’m struggling to put into words. But the anger is something i can’t comprehend.

This was a concert, a time where families and friends go to enjoy something that should be enjoyed, what has the world come to when we can’t even attend a concert without fearing for our lives! This venue was full of children and teenagers, their parents taking them too see an artist they aspire too, what was supposed to be a long lasting memory filled with happiness, turned into a dark nightmare full of loss and despair.

I am extremely proud of my community and the way the situation was handled. The men and woman of our health and safety services, risked their lives to save innocent people caught up in a battle that was never theirs to face.

Strangers on the street who offered help to the injured, free taxi rides for people fleeing the scene, lost children taken into hotels until their parents could be located. All of this by people who didn’t have to help but chose too.

Earlier i read a story about a homeless man who held a 60 year old lady in his arms while she died, he stated this woman had come to the concert with her family, how unbelievably tragic that was how her night ended.

Unfortunately last nights incident was not the end of this, currently our town shopping center has been evacuated, with our town center on high alert, our hospitals have been put into lock down, a suspicious package was found at a train station in London, and now there have been threats to our schools.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has shared kind messages and thoughts for all of us here in Manchester, and for the families involved in this tragedy.

This needs to be stopped. Innocent lives are being taken for no purpose other then selfish individuals who care nothing for humanity, or the lives they are taking.

22 dead, over 50 injured, many more missing, a lot of them children and teenagers.

I can not even begin to explain how i feel right now, but you can never truly know until it happens on your doorstep.

But we stand together, Because here in Manchester, we do things differently.

Girl outspoken.