You know, when you spend 1 year, 2 year, sometimes 5 years, literally putting everything into finishing that book, blood, sweat, tears. You have faced multiple writers blocks, and pushed through them like a trooper. You have read, and re read, written and re written until you’re sure this masterpiece of yours is perfect. And you have, you’ve done it, your novel is in front of your eyes, exactly how you pictured it would be. relief washes over  you, a long with that well known sense of achievement we all get when we have finally got something right.

So then why isn’t your sales matching your product?

Or maybe you are just thinking about starting to write that novel of yours, you have brilliant ideas, but you have no idea how to market or where to start. well here i am to save the day.

First and foremost the most important part of any marketing strategy is RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!! Do your research, you need to know exactly where your book is going to slot in the market, what niche it will be in, and you need to know if that’s where the money is.

Identify your audience!

Identifying your audience is key to your book sales and marketing. you need to know exactly what age group your targeting, so if you’re writing a young adult novel, your target audience is between 13 and 25. some controversy about the age of young adult novels has been made, some say between 12 and 18, others between 13 and early 20’s, so just to give you an idea, i would say the broad spectrum is between 13 and 25. you need to get to know your potential readers well, find out what they like, where there media platforms are, and use it to your advantage.

Establish a budget and set your marketing plan.

Figure out how much money you are able and willing to spend on your book. include all possible expenses from advertising to travel.

now you need to create your marketing plan. This step is important! what are your goals? how will you measure them into priorities? what are your business tactics? how much time do you have to devote to the publication and marketing of your book? this is the time to answer all of those questions.

Get your book out there!

Once you feel like you are happy with the finished result of your book, get it out there! start by giving copies to friends and family, get their feedback, ask them to share it with their friends. get them to post about it on social media, or do reviews on it for you. The first step of getting your work out there is to get it noticed. And the best place to start is with the people closest to you.

Get creative!

Design your cover. What is the story in your book? what are you trying to tell people? try and promote that on the cover, by using an image that ties in with your story, you will automatically draw people in. remember the first things people see when they look at your book is the cover!

also use your theme, location, time period, historical characters, anything that has ties to an organisation, or group, is a great way to market. There’s so much potential in marketing from your books purpose that people often forget to do it. So if your book is loosely based on animal welfare for instance, check out some organisations, charities or activist’s in animal welfare, see if you can get them to help promote your book, or get them to do a joint marketing venture with you. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little help for help.

Lastly don’t forget to market yourself!

I know, this is a tricky one, but one of the best ways to promote your work, is to market yourself. Gives your readers an insight into why you write, why you chose to write this particular book, why you chose the genre and age group you did. If you tackled any issues, tell them why you chose to tackle them. Make the reader feel like they are a part of something, do Q&A’S where they can ask you personal questions, let them find out a little about you. The more like able, and relate able you are, the more of a loyal fan base you will create.

So there you have it, of course there are plenty of ways to market, not all of them listed here, but i hope i have helped a little! So what are you waiting for? get to it!

Girl outspoken 🙂