Why do we stare so much at all

at that little piece of glass on the wall

we call it home

but never dare

to speak of the terrors we encounter there.

we look upon ourselves in sin

through shining glass that can’t see within

the person that we are inside

has depth that mirror could never find.

yet we see only what it wants us to see

and we believe it so unconditionally

why i cry, do we continue to stand there

in front of this mirror which does not care.

It tears us down in every way

from looks and body

to skin and brain.

But what this mirror does not know

is how we were made,

and how we learned to grow.

we were made from love

by two imperfectly perfect people

joining together as one.

so mirror while i may not be

the person that you so desperately wish me to be

i must confess

without distress

that i am who i am

and i don’t love me any less.

and while that may disappoint you

i am proud to say

that for the first time in a while

i feel perfect all the same.

I was made in this body

and i will never change

so mirror mirror on the wall

don’t you bring me down today.


thank you for reading

girl outspoken 🙂