First off, i don’t normally do these kinds of blogs, but given that pll is one of my fave shows, and as we all know it’s coming to an end in 3 episodes time, i thought i would take some time, to talk about the biggest AD theories out there, the theories of alison and emilys baby daddy, give you my theories and also take a little time to reflect on the show as a whole. So if you love pll, then keep reading, cause this ones for you!

So one of the best theories i have heard, is wren is AD and the baby daddy! now personally i really hope this one is true, i would love for wren to be AD, he’s been in the show since the beginning, so it would make sense. also iv been reading some great back stories for this possibility. one that i read was that cece was never charles and that wren is actually charles, and also scott montgomerys son, although, that would be going a tad bit too far if he was charles, inseminating his own cousin with his baby would be a whole nother level for the show.

paige is another big theory that i have heard, although as much as some of these fan theories really do make me wonder, AKA the hair image of AD giving jenna the file, i kinda hope that she isn’t AD. Especially since the whole baby daddy thing has been pointing to baby daddy being AD, i don’t really understand how that could be explained?

next big one is melissa. now again while there are so many amazing theories out there that could quite easily make you believe it’s melissa, i don’t see how that would work, like i said above, if they are linking AD and baby daddy, then AD must be a guy?

iv also heard a lot about spencer having a twin. this one has literally got me begging for mercy, please no more twins, and no more hidden members of the dilaurentis/drake family, it;s just too much, and getting way too predictable. so as much as i would of loved spencer to of had a twin all the way back at the beginning of the show, now for me, it would be underrated, and kinda boring!

the last one im going to talk about is a new one that’s been surfacing, but a lot more people are catching onto it, and i really hope this isn’t true, because i will be pissed! its none other then….. ERIC KAHN….. whos that i hear you cry? well of course you are a fan so you know who it is, but of course you see my sarcasm in that line, seriously, he is literally a background character, he may as well have been an extra on the show. i can not allow myself to believe that such a big character as AD could end up being eric kahn. like i said i will be pissed off!

anyway, my personally ideas of who AD is, would be either wren, like i said above i would love that theory, but i also still believe that it’s possibly ezra although i really hope that doesn’t happen, huge ezria fan right here! I also think that AD could be jason. I don’t know why i think that, but wouldn’t that be a great twist!

marlene king said that we have met this person but we haven’t really met them, so it’s possible that we know them as someone else, or maybe we have only ever seen them in flashbacks, which means that all of the bethany young theories will probably end up being correct.

at this stage, im just very confused about all of it, the only thing i do know is that i need spoby to happen!!!! i will cry if this isn’t a thing again by the last episode!

I have no idea who the baby daddy is, although my money is on wren, i’m also wondering if maybe the baby daddy was just a random person from the sperm bank, which then of course means AD could still be a woman.

why do i do this to myself….

i think it’s possible that elliot/archer killed charlotte, and i think he did it to get the money from the carrassimi group, although im probably wrong ha!

theres also the huge possibility the it was Ezra, this is a huge fan fave, but i don’t think he killed her, i think if he was involved, he covered it up, thinking that maybe aria had gone back and killed her, although given he put aria in a cab back to the hotel, i think this one is a long shot. also i think that if it was any of the main group, they would have said something when hanna got kidnapped, i don’t think they would of let her get hurt. so for me, i’m ruling those theories out.

the other possibility for me is that it was one of the parents, i think possibly ashley, byron or ella, maybe even peter, but for me the parents are big contenders on this one! we already know that ezra saw byron and ella on the night of the murder. ashleys whereabouts has never been mentioned. nor has any of the other parents apart from byron and ella, but not accounted for all night.

so please let me know your theories below, and what you would love to happen in the last three episodes, and what you would hate to happen.

i hope this finale gives us closure from the last 7 years, we all know it’s been a roller coaster of emotions, but i will be sad when it ends. this show has taught me a lot, mostly to never lie ha! But it’s also taught me about true friendship, the importance of family, and how easily things can be lost.

let me know what it has taught you below.

thank you for reading, and lets all get ourselves ready for endgame.

only 3 episodes left liars.

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